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About Missing Middle Housing Fund (MMHF)

The Missing Middle Housing Fund supports the creation of new workforce housing and the innovations that reduce the costs to build them at scale.

What We Do


Build Community and Profitable Connections

MMHF connects workforce housing DOERS, including large corporations and small but mighty entrepreneurs, rural and urban stakeholders, public and private partners, and everything in between. We have built a network of best-in-class innovators ready to advise, partner, and invest, including:

  • Design professionals

  • Developers

  • Product manufacturers

  • General contractors and subcontractors

  • Public officials

  • Financiers

  • Workforce educators

  • Employers

Guide Cities and Employers

MMHF educates, aligns, and leads cities and employers to solve their workforce housing challenges. We leverage our network to bring partners together, unify diverse stakeholders through workshops and projects, and provide capacity to employers and public officials to build housing. We present our work at conferences across the country and inspire communities to think differently about solving their housing underproduction crisis.  



MMHF creates investment funds to build housing and fuel innovation. We have invested directly in small companies developing new techniques and technology, and are now investing on behalf of employers and regions through revolving funds to develop workforce housing.  

Solve Big Problems

MMHF leverages its network of DOERS to tackle systemic barriers to workforce housing production. These include policy challenges, supply chain limitations, and funding gaps that throttle the speed and scale of housing development.


Meet The Team


In The News

The MMHF is making news for our collaborative workforce housing summits, industry thought leadership, and other efforts that are helping to transform the future of workforce housing across Oregon.

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