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The Team

Our team has deep roots in housing, economic development, technology, community building, entrepreneurship, and business. 


Nathan Wildfire


Nathan Wildfire has worked in community and economic development for almost 20 years, in Pittsburgh, Vermont, and Oregon.  He's passionate about the grassroots and personal connections of community building, and the macro changes possible through creative, data-driven public policy.  Nathan is privileged to have learned from incredible mentors through every step of his career.  Nathan is a choir leader, writer, and outdoor explorer of the incredible Pacific Northwest with his partner Gillian. 

Peter Clarke


Peter Clarke’s formal background was in engineering, but he has spent much of his worklife  focusing on strategy, business development, licensing, strategic alliances etc. At Cisco he initially  ran the Global Alliances organization before working on M&A and finally running operations for its  $10B+ Service Provider Business. Recently he has been actively involved in many aspects of a  number of real-estate developments in his local community. Peter is also a life-long learner and  educator. He currently works with the University of Michigan, helping develop and deliver online  finance training at the undergraduate and graduate level.


Jeff Gaus


Jeff is a technologist and serial entrepreneur with extensive experience in telecommunications and software, conceived and created the Oregon Enterprise Blockchain Venture Studio (OEBVS) and is the Founder and CEO of The Provenance Chain Network. Jeff's passions in life are his family, youth education, and economic development.

Lindsay Nelson


Lindsay Nelson, a technology entrepreneur and researcher with a decade of experience validating, launching, and growing startups. She works on projects combining technology and social impact. 

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