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Oregon Business and Government leadership supports Housing and Workforce Investment

Oregon Business Plan goals reflect MMHF's priorities

This past Monday, the Oregon Business Plan (OBP) Summit showcased policy and investment proposals in manufacturing, workforce education, and other opportunities to benefit more Oregonians, in particular those historically excluded and hit hardest by the pandemic. Among the initiatives the Summit focused on were Housing and Workforce Investment, which align with our work at the Missing Middle Housing Fund.

The OBP identified as a target increasing annual housing production in Oregon to 30,000 units, a 50% increase over recent years. This target will require potentially as many as 10,000 new jobs in construction, manufacturing, and building products. It was great to hear our Federal delegation talk about Middle Income Housing Tax Credits and a refocus on encouraging more people to enter the building trades. Almost everyone identified the high cost of housing and limited housing supply as a barrier to economic growth.

It is a good thing that housing production is front and center in statewide conversations about economic vitality - now we need solutions. Innovation in workforce development, public policy, and the entire housing ecosystem will be necessary for this radical increase in housing units - and it is key to helping people, places, and economies reach their full potential.

That is why we launched our Missing Middle Housing Innovation Competition, to find, test, connect, and scale strategies to build more housing for less dollars and less time.

Keep the innovations coming !

- Nate

Nathan Wildfire


December 9 , 2021

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