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All I want for Christmas is....

Our Housing Wish list

  1. Creative thinkers put forward proposals for our Workforce Housing Innovation Competition.

  2. Oregon doubles annual housing production in ten years, while reducing the time and cost to develop housing by half.

  3. Regional stakeholders position Oregon as the country’s center of excellence for housing innovation.

  4. Local lenders, governments, and investors create a low-cost debt fund specifically to support workforce housing.

  5. Developers, general contractors, financiers, product suppliers, designers, landowners, regulators, and nonprofit housing groups connect, learn from one another, and scale lower cost housing creation innovations.

  6. Prioritize investments in precision production education, apprenticeship programs, and workforce training in housing development’s many industry sectors. (More on this coming to this website soon!)

  7. Colleges, churches, hospitals, and large employers convert their excess land to housing development, swiftly facilitated by local governments.

  8. Local municipalities rapidly develop denser housing strategies in their updated codes and plans in accordance with HB 2001 and HB 2003.

  9. Everyone acts with the urgency our housing crisis demands.

  10. WE build better homes for ALL of us.

- Nate

Nathan Wildfire


December 23, 2021

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